Perfectly suits for sorting grains, seeds, oilseeds, beans and other bulk products

  • SmartSortB is a top-of-the-line model of the color sorter that incorporates the latest developments of the company. It was designed for the clients looking for the “pinpoint” accuracy of sorting even if the initial content of impurities is high and greater productivity without resorting is required.
  • SmartSortB color sorters achieved a strong position in the highly competitive European market. SmartSortB is suited for sorting food and non-food bulk products as well as for difficult color sorting applications. Thanks to the new CSort Cloud platform, the operator is now able to monitor and control the technological process of sorting.

Color sorter
operation principle

The product is fed through the in-feed hopper and by means of vibrating feeder drops to the sloping chute.
It slides to the inspection zone where illuminated product is examined by CCD cameras. Cameras detect the products defects (shape or color differences) and generate electric signal for the ejection system.
Having received the signal, computer system activates the ejectors that blow off unwanted elements.
Accepted product drops directly to the accepted product discharge hopper. Unwanted elements go to the rejected product discharge hopper.

key Advantages

High resolution
RBG camera
5400 pixels allows 0.05 mm optical resolution to detect the smallest defects. It has 2,6 times higher sorting accuracy than was before. High resolution provides color sorters with an ability to detect and reject grains having similar color but with different textures. Moreover, now it is possible to sort the product by shape removing malformed or split grains.
Powerful lightning
LED lighting
Powerful LED lighting and low signal-to-noise ratio allow to distinguish the smallest shade differences of the products that was previously impossible. Due to upgraded lighting it is now possible to “penetrate” inside the product and reflect its content and defects hidden from the human eye. It opens new opportunities in sorting hulled and unhulled grains, dried fruits with and without stones, mealy and vitreous wheat, and plastic by its transparency.
Fast and smart
program setting
SmartSortB creates a sorting program according to the images of your product made by the inspection system after inserting samples of the products to be accepted and rejected. Several images are enough for the machine self-setting.

SmartSortB - Key features

Model range

SmartSort B-1
Production capacity (for wheat),
tons per hour - 7
Number of channels - 54
Dimension, mm – 2000*1480*1510
Weight, kg - 840
SmartSort B-2
Production capacity (for wheat),
tons per hour - 14
Number of channels - 108
Dimension, mm – 2000*1480*1510
Weight, kg - 870
SmartSort B-3
Production capacity (for wheat),
tons per hour - 21
Number of channels - 162
Dimension, mm – 2000*1480*1510
Weight, kg - 900
SmartSort B-4
Production capacity (for wheat),
tons per hour - 28
Number of channels - 216
Dimension, mm – 2000*1600*2650
Weight, kg - 1540
SmartSort B-5
Production capacity (for wheat),
tons per hour - 35
Number of channels - 270
Dimension, mm – 2000*1600*2650
Weight, kg - 1540
SmartSort B-6
Production capacity (for wheat),
tons per hour - 42
Number of channels - 324
Dimension, mm – 2000*1600*2650
Weight, kg - 1540

for sorting

To test



Nuts and Snacks

Dried fruits



Tea, spices


Plastic and metals

Glass and Minerals

Sorting result

Rejected product Accepted product
Rejected product After
Rejected product Accepted product
Rejected product Accepted product
Rejected product Accepted product
Rejected product Accepted product
Rejected product Accepted product
Rejected product Accepted product
Rape seeds
Rejected product Accepted product
Rejected product Accepted product
Rejected product Accepted product
Rejected product Accepted product
Rejected product Accepted product

About company

CSort company is a global manufacturer and supplier of optical sorting equipment.

CSort Service

Consulting and sorting tests

CSort carries out sorting tests to select the program perfectly matching client’s requirements. In addition, the experts of the company can recommend how to modernize the technological process to improve the quality of the finish product.

Commissioning and personnel training

CSort specialists provide the customer with a working program after the machine adjustment and start-up, as well as training of the operator during start-up and technical support after sale.

Remote support

By means of the Internet connection CSort engineers can remmotely access the color sorter to monitor, modify and save program settings.


To ensure smooth and uninterrupted performance of the production line CSort engineers perform at a time of your convenience preventive and predictive maintenance, replacements of units and components before their expiration, program setting, equipment upgrade and information delivery.
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Sorting result

Videos with the real sorting tests are available at CSort channel


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