SmartSort color sorter

Sorting of grains, seeds, beans, rice and other bulk products

SmartSort color sorters combine cutting-edge components and advanced solutions in sorting algorithms at the most attractive price. SmartSort has been designed to be the best investment for your business.

  • Ultimate sorting solution for maximum yields and economic efficiency
  • 99,9% product purity after sorting
  • Neural algorithm for the most challenging sorting tasks
  • One color sorter for various sorting applications
  • Possibility to double or triple production capacity on the basis of the already installed machine

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Color sorting as the best choice
for your business

Unmatched product purity

Color sorter is the only alternative to manual cleaning of the small-fractioned materials ensuring 99.99 % product purity with maximum production capacity. Moreover, some products such as salt and small-seeded crops can be cleaned exclusively by color sorter.

Profit enhancement

Due to superior precision and gentle sorting process color sorting minimizes costs (for personnel involved in manual cleaning) and lowers product losses, delivering better output and improving consumer appeal alongside with the product competitive qualities.

Pay-off in record time

Color sorters are so efficient that they are paid off in record time. Already after two weeks of machine’s operation one of our clients experienced a significant profit growth.

«The cost of the equipment and services paid for itself after our first year of operation, and now only yields income. We sell all processed stock [sunflower seeds] at the most generous prices. Our consumers the highly value the quality of our seeds».

Ilya Vladimirovich Avdeev,,
Deputy Director for Operations

For those striving for the best we have developed a
SMART solution for outstanding results

Smartsort is ready to double or even triple production capacity on the basis of the already existing color sorter. This helps to save funds threefold as compared to the purchase of a new color sorter as well as to minimize the factory floor footprint and avoid dismantling the old equipment and acquisition of additional transport mechanisms.

Innovative neural algorithms of sorting objects analysis help to solve the tasks which earlier were considered unsolvable, for example, sorting of striped sunflower, raisins with and without stems, wheat according to vitreousity, etc. Application of the neural algorithm means that the program is capable of learning how to identify the set of the most challenging features describing such sorting criteria as intensity of a product or a defect, shape, size, mottling, flickering, etc.

Choosing Smartsort you can always be sure that even if you have purchased the machine with the minimum configuration you can at any moment upgrade it up to NIR, bi-chrome and RGB.

Smart cameras of the apparatus are assembled exclusively from high-tech components produced by Kodak, Toshiba and Nikon. High-sensitivity CCD-matrices with the resolution of 2048 pixels provide super high image detailing of the product to be sorted that guarantees precise analysis and top quality of sorting. Flexible adjustment system of the sorting algorithm analyses defects from 0.13 mm.

Reliable and high-efficiency Italian ejectors secure over four billions operations. Width of the air nozzles is 4.5 mm ensuring exact elimination and concentrated rejection of the product at a low air flow rate.

Self-intuitive menu of the operator′s panel with user-friendly interface and high degree of visualization simplifies and facilitates the work of the operator. The machine start-up is carried out by one touch.

SmartSort color sorter is maximally maintenance-friendly, easy-to-use, and easy-to-install. Hinged sections of the inspection system allow to easily access the most remote components of the color sorter such as chutes, branch tubes of the accept and reject product, pneumatic rod etc. for cleaning which is especially topical in case of sorting of dusty and oily products. Convenient arrangement of the control panel increases comfort when adjusting and operating the apparatus. Lightweight frame makes it easy to transport and assemble color sorter at the production line.

Specially designed LED-lighting with the light-emitting diodes from world leaders of the industry has service lifetime exceeding 80.000 hours which provides sustained sorting quality over the whole lifetime of the sorter. Combination of 4 basic lighting colors and backgrounds enables a higher sorting quality of complicated low-contrast products as compared to the traditional lighting systems. Adjustment and change of lightning are performed from the operator′s panel in a split second and don’t require intervention to the apparatus structure.

Our color sorters are equipped with universal double-sided chutes. The side with narrow grooves is intended for sorting of small-seeded products – each removed grain will be directed exactly to the stream center of the corresponding nozzle, excluding the risk to stay in the good product flow. In case of sorting of big objects, the even side of the chute with maximum performance is used.

Equipped with a built-in cooling system color sorters are ready for operation in hot and dusty environment, while the excessive pressure in the body prevents the sorter from dust.

SmartSort real-time monitors working efficiency of the major assembly units and aggregates, timely notifying the operator of the events happening. If necessary, you can look up the self-diagnostics information in the log sustained.

Enables a quick visual tracing of the apparatus condition at a distance in the following modes: sorting, standby, error or emergency.

Intelligent control system of the peripherals automatically monitors the apparatus operating modes, adaptively adjusting to the change of the product level in the supply hopper with the help of connectable sensors. The color sorter can be also connected to the management information system to provide remote control and monitoring of basic operation modes.

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Sortable products

SmartSort is designed to sort a wide range of bulk food products such as grains, beans, seeds, rice, as well as nonfood bulk products – hundreds of items.

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Striped sunflower seeds

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«Using the color sorter we get a product that sets a high standard, which in turn allows us to manufacture competitive products at minimal cost».

G.V. Shabalin
General Director

JSC Masloboyniy Zavod

CSort Company

CSort LLC is the leading Russian manufacturer of equipment for sorting products by color. It has been developing its own color sorters since 2007. The company has put roughly five hundred machines into operation.

Located in the city of Barnaul, Russia, CSort factory includes R&D and QC centers, production facilities, internal and foreign sales departments.

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